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Ashleigh F

"If you need to get unstuck or full-on catapulted into manifestation mode Melissa is amazing get in touch with her."



Angela E

"With three kids, 200k student loans, Preschool tuition and house/car payments there’s just not much left. But, I’m taking to heart the idea of being grateful for the financial choices I’ve made that provide a safe and healthy and fun lifestyle for my family. This mind frame is liberating."



"Melissa’s coaching helped me manifest an extra $35,000! At first I didn’t even believe that was possible."

Dorothy B

“Melissa was able to listen through a lot of my competing tasks and help me arrive at one single, impactful thing to do, to move myself forward. As a woman building a business from scratch while being a stay at home mom, it often feels like I have a laundry list of priority to-dos, so that single insight was so valuable.”

Arsene P

"Grateful for my first coaching session with Melissa Elysian. Is easy to complicate things with grand ideas without realizing there's enough to learn from one step alone. Plus she's easy to talk to, go ahead and reach out."

Renee C

"Melissa helped me find Clarity while I was in a period of transition. Recently unemployed, uncertain about my job and relationship, she helped me stay focused, positive and prevent self-sabotage from hurting me! She is kind thoughtful and really helped me stay committed to growth."


Emmanuella D

“Working with Melissa is always such an awesome experience. She has an amazing and gentle way of guiding you to the most profound life revelations without pushing too much. You’ll love working with Melissa! She is the perfect balance of friend (someone who keeps it honest), cheerleader and teacher. You’ll feel extremely comfortable working with her and see the results that you want for your life.

Francesca R

"I have an extremely hectic schedule and work life and feel I sometimes am not able to find balance on my own. After even just one session with her, I immediately begin to feel re-centered and able to go about my day more consciously. Melissa really takes the time to figure out what it is I need and has continuously helped me. Her knowledge and awareness is what brings me back each time.”

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Carmen M

"Melissa is incredible at what she does! Her coaching has helped me through some really dark times. Her work is so authentic and generous."

Cherry S

"Her coaching work inspires you to be better and do better, while achieving this self love. Accepting and loving each moment, not trying to hurry for the outcome to happen, but that each moment has its own outcome. She teaches about fulfillment of the soul! Without a doubt you will be feeling like a new person when you see her!!"


"Best decision I've ever made!!! You don't realize how much your past can prevent you from walking confidently in your present and into your future!"

Kristina I

"In one of my sessions with her we completely unlocked potential that had been lying dormant inside of me for years. My path suddenly became clear."

Cindy V

"I truly felt a healing happened during the process and highly recommend her to anyone. She is a true gift to anyone fortunate to work with her.”

Erin W

"Over the past three years, my growth as an entrepreneur has been guided by this powerhouse money coach."

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