Hi, I'm Melissa



About 10 years ago I started questioning everything I’d been taught about creating success and financial abundance. I didn’t want to believe that it had to be hard or that I had to do it in some specific “right way”. I wanted to create a life that felt luscious, abundant and rich to me and I wanted to do it on my terms.

The result was a deep search and study of manifestation and co creation that proved that I was right. It didn’t have to be hard and I could let my soul guide me on an authentic path to creating the life I wanted.

Today I live in Northern California with a man I love deeply, and I’m doing work that I’m absolutely passionate about.

I’ve dedicated the last 5 years of my life to helping women create whatever they want —> on their terms. If you’re reading this, a part of you already knows that it’s possible for you to and I’d love to show you how.

xo M

I'm a..

  • New York Native living in California

  • Sun sign: Taurus

  • Rising Sign: Leo

  • Numerology: 2/11

  • Tarot: The High Priestess

  • Intuitive Coach

  • Energy Healer

  • Money Mentor

  • Host of the Get Sacred podcast 

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xo Melissa

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