“If you need to get unstuck or full-on catapulted into manifestation mode, Melissa is amazing. Work with her!”

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“Melissa’s coaching helped me manifest an extra $35,000! At first I didn’t even believe that was possible.”

—K S

Over the last three years my growth as an entrepreneur has been guided by this powerhouse $$$ coach. Period.”

 —Erin W

I'm Intuitive Life Coach

Melissa Elysian. 



My money program


will help you:


> Clear your money drama and trauma by healing your scarcity wounds and rewire your mind-body back to its pleasure & prosperity default setting.


> Reclaim your sense of worthiness and the sacredness of your body from past and present racist patriarchal programming.


> Create financial abundance from a place of ease, grace and sufficiency. Play and rest are required. Hustle culture is canceled.


> Amplify your money manifesting power by aligning you to your most sacred and sovereign self.


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 Hi, I'm Melissa

Just an FYI money is sacred. As a matter of fact everything is sacred. Your life. your pleasure, your purpose and your profit. Everything. 
I learned that my relationship to money was sacred when I realized it was the perfect playground for examining what I had been taught to believe about my worth in the world. 
Years of chasing money, getting it and still not feeling worthy helped me untangle myself from the twisted lie that 'what we make is what we're worth'.
It's totally BS.
Regardless of what you make your value is undeniable. YOU'RE THE BAG SIS. You're the most expensive and most valuable thing you will ever possesses. Nothing you obtain in this life will be worth more. And that is the starting point of the work. 
Next, I will teach you how create wealth by by healing your relationship with money. I will show you how to make your relationship with money sacred. I will teach you that money is resource made available to you simply to fulfill your purpose and your pleasure. I will show you practices for releasing money shame and scarcity and I will give you rituals for aligning with your most abundant self. 
This work is holy, healing and hella fun. You will expand into a more majestic self. It's sexy, its sacred and it will help you make more money. Period. The sooner you start the better.
xo M 
Sacred Money Coach | Intuitive Energy Healer