“If you need to get unstuck or full-on catapulted into manifestation mode, Melissa is amazing. Work with her!”

 — Ashleigh F

“Melissa’s coaching helped me manifest an extra $35,000! At first I didn’t even believe that was possible.”

—K S

Over the last three years my growth as an entrepreneur has been guided by this powerhouse $$$ coach. Period.”

 —Erin W

I'm Intuitive Life Coach

Melissa Elysian. 



My money program


will help you:


> Clear your money drama and trauma by healing your scarcity wounds and rewire your mind-body back to its pleasure & prosperity default setting.


> Reclaim your sense of worthiness and the sacredness of your body from past and present racist patriarchal programming.


> Create financial abundance from a place of ease, grace and sufficiency. Play and rest are required. Hustle culture is canceled.


> Amplify your money manifesting power by aligning you to your most sacred and sovereign self.


Take a look inside this 3 month journey...


Hi, I'm Melissa

About 10 years ago I started questioning everything I’d been taught about creating success and financial abundance. I didn’t want to believe that it had to be hard or that I had to do it in some specific “right way”. I wanted to create a life that felt luscious, abundant and rich to me and I wanted to do it on my terms.
     The result was a deep search and study of manifestation and co creation that proved that I was right. It didn’t have to be hard and I could let my soul guide me on an authentic path to creating the life I wanted.

     Today I live in Northern California with a man I love deeply, and I’m doing work that I’m absolutely passionate about.

     I’ve dedicated the last 5 years of my life to helping women create whatever they want —> on their terms. If you’re reading this, a part of you already knows that it’s possible for you to and I’d love to show you how.

xo M

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